Transportable Homes To The Rescue

by Granny Flats on July 11, 2010

 New Concept Transportable Homes

Decades ago, the words “transportable homes” conjured up the image of a double wide semi-trailer for most people.  Nowadays, a pre-manufactured home goes way beyond that stereotype.  Consumers now have an amazing selection of prefabricated housing styles to choose from.  They look so good, no one will ever know that the finished product was assembled off-site in a factory unless they’re told. It makes perfect sense in today’s economy to go with prefab. You can live in the home of your dreams for the price of a granny flat.

Replacement Homes

Transportable homesThe recent bushfires in Victoria tell us that a firestorm can destroy a home in a few minutes.  While what was lost cannot be replaced, it’s important to get life back to a semblance of normalcy.  Having a replacement home goes a long way towards that goal.  Traditional construction methods will take months to get to completion.  Delays can occur because of lack of available labor, putting the residents on a roller coaster of uncertainties.  This is where prefabricated transportable homes come into their own.

Rebuilding With A Transportable Home

Rebuilding with a transportable home means that, instead of waiting, the homeowners can start from scratch and get back into a home faster than they ever thought possible.  The best part of it all?  They can get themselves a house that is more impressive than the original.  The potential exists for a family to get back into a normal lifestyle within a few weeks as opposed to the best part of a year, or longer.  It will also cost much less to purchase from start to finish.  A big plus when trying to rebuild lives.

Holiday Homes

Of course, prefab housing is not limited to the concept of being replacement housing.  You may have purchased a plot of land with the intention of building a holiday home.  Local construction costs can limit how large of a home you can afford to put there.  And if you’re planning on retiring into your vacation home, you want to be happy with where you’re going to live for the next 20-30 years.  This is where prefab transportable homes make perfect sense.  Pick out the style, put in the order, and you’ll have an amazing house that’s constructed to last as long as a traditionally built home, if not longer.

Transportable Homes Make Perfect Sense

So don’t dismiss outright the entire concept.  It makes perfect sense in today’s economy to go with prefab.  The prices are lower, the amenities are amazing and the construction is top notch.  A lower price means a smaller mortgage with easy to handle payments.  You can live in the home of your dreams for the price of a granny flat. Check out our range of granny flats and transportable homes.

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1 David Moloney July 14, 2010 at 10:25 pm

Transportable homes have sure come a long way. Sounds like the manufacturers have really taken a look at the detail to maximise style and portability. The fact they can be tailor made to your needs just makes them even more enticing.
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2 Doctor Bill July 18, 2010 at 4:44 pm

Hello Wal,

The prefabricated homes sound and look great. How to help “The Old Folk” when they are not able to manage a large home is a common problem. These “Granny Flats” would be a timely solution.

Doctor Bill


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