Cheapest Granny Flats In Australia

by Granny Flat Plans on June 12, 2010

Do We Sell The Cheapest Granny Flats?

Channel 7 on the television the other night had a story about granny flats and transportable homes and I was delighted to discover that we have possibly the cheapest granny flats. The show was called ‘Better Homes And Gardens’ and they were saying how much cheaper and quicker it was to build transportable or prefabricated homes and granny flats instead of building a house from bricks and mortar. Cheap, meaning a fraction of the price, quick meaning after waiting a month for the pre-built home to be delivered to the block of land, the home only takes a few days to be erected.  I was delighted to see how much their cheapest one bedroom home or granny flat cost. If your block is in Sydney, we should be able to beat that price by a considerable margin.

See Below For An Important Update to this post

I did have a link to the Channel 7 video but they removed it from their site. The original of this post was referring to kit homes that we no longer sell. We are now selling a wider range of granny flats made by a different Australian company.

Why Do You Get So Much For So Little?

Our aim is maximum quality for least price. We want to give you the cheapest granny flats while still enjoying the most important features of the expensive ones. Once delivered to your site, our prefabricated transportable homes and granny flats only take a couple of days to erect. They are easy to put together which means you don’t have to pay professional tradesman rates to install them. Some people choose to install the kits themselves, (but they need to make sure that the local council allows this first). Property investors weigh up the concept of cheapest granny flats versus affordable quality granny flats and then buy granny flats from us.

Our Range Of Portable Granny Flats

Our granny flats and transportable homes are architecturally designed. They are also very durable and low maintenance. They are fully insulated, fire resistant, and environmentally friendly. They are warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and so they cut your air conditioning costs. They are easy to dismantle if you ever need to move them. Importantly, they are made by an Australian company in Australia.

Update 2 Years Later – Do We Still Have The Cheapest Granny Flats?

A lot has happened in the last 2 years since this post was first published. Cheapest granny flats? Some companies are importing cheap Chinese units that are cheaper than the models sold by our company and the other top Australian granny flat builders who are focused upon high quality granny flats at an affordable price.


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