We Build Granny Flats In Sydney, Brisbane, Hunter Valley, Central Coast NSW, Australia, For Property Investment

We Specialise In Building Granny Flats For Dual Income Positively Geared Property Investment

We build granny flats

This is one of our first dual income granny flats built in a back yard in Mount Druitt, Sydney, NSW.

Quick Housing Solutions is one of Australia’s leading property investment providers. We specialise in finding dual income property investment, using granny flats as the source of a second income, that gives you positive cash flow along with potential yields of 7% to 10% and all the while providing you with a transparent end to end service.

We supply and install granny flats as a source of extra rental income for property investment purposes:

Properties with granny flats can sometimes be suitable for DIY Super – Self Managed Super Funds property investment (SMSF Property Investment).

We have a highly experienced team of property investment specialists who can help you to use your granny flat to achieve a high rate of return and generate positive cash flow.




Where We Build

We build granny flats in parts of NSW, Queensland and South Australia, namely, in and around Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, The Hunter Valley, Central Coast NSW, Adelaide, Brisbane and The Gold Coast.

  • Greater Sydney (including North to Newcastle, West to Penrith, South to Wollongong)
  • Lower Hunter Valley (including Cessnock, Aberdare areas)
  • Upper Hunter Valley (including Singleton, Muswellbrook areas)
  • NSW Central Coast
  • Brisbane (including North to Caloundra, West to Gatton, South to the Gold Coast – Queensland / NSW border)
  • Adelaide (we are starting to develop an Adelaide presence)

From the time of your initial contact with us to the time of our handing over the keys to the completed home, we do all the hard work for you, saving you enormous time and effort. People who buy our homes include Home Owners and also Property Investors. To see our price list or to have our Sales Manager contact you, please fill out the contact us form on this site. Investors looking for using granny flats for positively geared, dual income investment may be interested in our property investment page. Anyone with more than $100,000 in their Superannuation Fund will be interested seeing how dual income properties can boost your super – see our SMSF page.

Our Granny Flats Meet The Government Specification

The NSW Government policy allows an automatic 10 day approval for properties of over 450 square metres and having at least a 12 metre frontage to take granny flats with floor space under 60 square metres. If you are lucky enough to have such a property, is it time for you to make granny flat plans? Our granny flats are under 60 square metres and are very affordable and therefore meet the NSW Government specification for granny flats most elegantly.

The Perfect Investment

If you are a property investor you should seriously consider speaking to us about our strategy for buying property in high demand areas in Australia and installing granny flats to double the income streams. Two incomes from one property – why wouldn’t you buy a property that pays for itself? We give you the opportunity now to buy a residential property, put a home in the back yard, and rent main house plus the backyard home for a dual income, positively geared, property investment. Currently the best places in Australia to get dual income from this strategy are Sydney, Newcastle and The Hunter Valley and, about to take off, Brisbane. For more information click dual income investment .

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